Hardware & Software <span> Troubleshooting</span> services<span>Virus Removal</span> Service

Hardware & Software Troubleshooting services

We are experienced in both hardware and software troubleshooting. With PC HELP!, you will never have to guess at the problem or throw money at the wrong solution. We stock many common hardware items to make replacements and upgrades easy.

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Virus Removal Service

Virus and Spyware infections are increasingly prevalent concerns in computing today. These infections not only slow down your machine, they also have the potential to trash your files or steal your personal information. The doctor is in... let us clean your machine.

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Give PC HELP! a call and put your technology in the hands of one of the longest standing, independent computer service companies in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. PC Help! provides computer repair, virus removal, and IT support on-site in your business or home! Computer help is just one call away with PC HELP!

Looking for PC support, a laptop fix, or answers to your computer problems? Call an experienced computer tech, not a geek at the computer store. We have practiced the art of computer repairing in Ft Wayne for over 20 years, so we have the expertise to deal with all of your PC problems. We know how to fix a computer or connect to a wireless network, as well as how to remove a virus, trojan horse, or malware. Anyone can have a computer problem or get viruses. Until computers repair themselves, we will be here to repair computer issues, fix laptop problems, or help you in connecting to a wireless network.

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Our Services

Remote Support

There are many instances where we can help you effectively in just a few minutes via phone, e-mail, or by remotely connecting directly to your computer through a secure program. This helps to avoid the time and expense of on-site service.   To see if we can provide remote support assistance for the problem you are...

Small Business

Why spend your valuable time troubleshooting an issue with your office PC when you could be working to grow your own business. PC HELP! specializes in providing effective, efficient IT Support services to Small Business customers like you, at affordable rates. The support that PC HELP! offers doesn’t stop at just troubleshooting a PC that...

Mid-Size Business

Maybe your business is booming, but you don’t have the need for a full time IT Support staff yet. Or maybe your IT staff just needs some additional help. Whatever the case, call PC HELP! We offer a range of services to help your business keep moving. Mid-Size Business Support Options

Solid State Drive
Solid State Drives!

We LOVE Solid State Drives! They’re dependable and they’re FAST! We can transfer all your data & applications to a Solid…


Question? Contact us for assistance

Whether you need assistance with a single PC issue, or you need contracted IT Support services, PC HELP! is the answer. For questions about the services we offer, contact us today at (260) 446-4000!